Write Radio Specs for Your Project

Applied Technology Group, Inc. will prepare radio specification for your project.

Example . . .

The contractor / supplier shall install a TY-900, 890-960MHz, 10dBd gain yagi antenna, manufactured by Kathrien-Scala Division, of Medford, Oregon, or equal. The antenna shall be mounted vertically on a 22-Ft, 2-inch galvanized schedule 40 rigid pipe, directed towards the master site ABC, using less than 35-Ft of Heliax LDF4-50, ½-inch hardline foam coax cable, manufactured by Andrew Corporation of Orland Park, Illinois, or approved equal. The coax cable shall be routed inside the pole using a 12-inch diameter 270-degree loop at the top and clamped with a CGB fitting to support the cable. The connectors shall be an Andrew L4PNM high performance low loss 50-ohm type-N male connector constructed with silver coating and gold center pin, or equal. The coax shall connect directly to the antenna or built in antenna pigtail with no adaptors and using only one connection located at the…….